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Two Options for Continued ReplayTV Use
posted by The Robman on 10/14/2015
Option 1: LaHa (Last Hope) Service

This is by far the easiest option, all you need to do is point your Replay to the LaHo server by changing one entry in the setup screens and you're good to go. You do need a LaHo account though and the cost is $21/6 months for 1 Replay and $12 for each additional unit.
Complete details here: http://www.percdata.com/faq/replaytv

Option 2: Use WiRNS

This option is cheaper, $25/year for an unlimited number of Replay units, but it does require more setup.
For this option, you need to:
* Open an account with Schedules Direct ($25/year)
* Setup WiRNS on a computer on your network
* Reconfigure your router to support static IP addresses for your Replays
* Point your Replay units to your WiRNS computer

Detailed instructions on the following sites:
* Schedules Direct
* WiRNS Wiki

The Replacement ReplayTV Service (code name LaHo) is now ready for BETA TESTING!!!
posted by jleavens on 07/30/11
The Replacement ReplayTV Service (code name LaHo) is now ready for BETA TESTING!!!

details at the new LaHo forum here!

Please note the following restrictions in the beta:

* Only one ReplayTV device per user.
* You will need to re-add lineups later.
* Please limit lineups to 70 stations (due to a performance problem we're working on )
* Remember this is a BETA, expect problems! (and provide feedback!)
* Dialup and network attached units welcome!
* These restrictions will be lifted soon.

Looking for a Board Access Code?
posted by jleavens on 09/16/06
We've been getting a lot of spam recently from automated spam bots. You simply wouldn't believe the lengths that people will go to in order to spread their junk messages, we get hundreds of automated attempts a day to post spam messages. They've even programmed their systems with optical character recognition to read those pictures of numbers that you're asked to type in! So we're going to try this "Board Access Code" for registration. So when you're registering, the phrase is: replayforever.
D&M sells ReplayTV assets to DirecTV
posted by jleavens on 12/13/07
D&M Holdings Inc. (6735.TO) sold most of the assets of its ReplayTV brand company to satellite-television provider DirecTV Group Inc. (DTV). Financial terms weren't disclosed.
Tokyo-based D&M said Thursday that ReplayTV produces digital video recorders for the consumer market. "Although we valued this asset and the business was profitable, the sale of ReplayTV to DirecTV makes the most sense for this business, its employees and us," the company said in a statement. D&M Holdings will operate existing service contracts for current ReplayTV subscribers for the "foreseeable future."

See my take on this here.
And, we're back
posted by jleavens on 03/24/06
We're up and running now at our new hosting service HostGator. Our previous host Hostworkz was bought by Servstra who decided they didn't want to offer shared hosting anymore. But all should be well here, HostGator has gotten excellent customer service reviews, and I think we'll be good to go. As always, let me know if you have problems.
We're moving to a new hosting service
posted by jleavens on 03/23/06
Our current hosting service is closing shop, and so we're in the process of moving. We should be back up by tomorrow (Friday) morning.
Forum Software Updated
posted by jleavens on 03/05/06
With a little free time while watching the Oscars tonight, I've updated the phpBB forum software to the latest version. Please email me if you run into any problems.
ReplayTV hardware not available anymore?
posted by jleavens on 12/28/05
Thanks for the note from JR Williams, alerting us to the fact that ReplayTV 5500s are no longer showing up in the ReplayTV online store, even the "Outlet Store" is empty. There are still some accessories listed (remotes, IR blasters, etc), but no actual DVR units. Could it be that ReplayTV hardware inventory has finally run out? You may need to hit eBay if you're looking for a new unit. We're still waiting on that software/Hauppauge timetable...
ReplayTV to go software-only, run on Intel and Hauppauge's WinTV-PVR
posted by jleavens on 12/18/05
Well, I'll be damned.

Digital video recording pioneer ReplayTV plans to announce on Monday it will start selling software to allow personal computers to tune in and record live television next year in a deal with Hauppauge Digital's Hauppauge's WinTV-PVR tuner-encoder card, which lets PCs tune in and record live television, will be sold with ReplayTV software starting next year in North America.

If anyone has additional details, I'd sure love to hear about it.

No News Is No News
posted by jleavens on 12/15/05
It's been well over a year since we've heard a peep from ReplayTV. Despite rumors starting more than a year and a half ago that ReplayTVs would be selling out for good, new ReplayTV units are still being sold from the ReplayTV website. Everyone I knew from the former company left for new jobs long ago, and the engineering staff was disbanded - some moving to the other DNNA projects like the Escient Fireball, some just moving. While there doesn't seem to be any danger that the guide service will disappear, it's clear that ReplayTV is at the end of development life. I was lucky enough to have been privvy to a number of great ideas from a number of great enthusiastic people when DNNA took over - most that never came to fruition. ReplayTV was well ahead of its time, it's still the only DVR that can stream from one unit to another out of the box. But unfortunately it stayed still. Here's to the next great DVR, whatever it might be.
New Discounts for Multiple Units
posted by jleavens on 9/18/04
ReplayTV is apparently trying to compete with TiVo on the multiple unit front by offering a discount on the subscriptions for additional units. According to this release:

Under this new discounted plan, service for the first ReplayTV DVR is $12.95 per month or $299 for lifetime activation while each additional ReplayTV service subscription will be eligible for the discounted $6.95 per month. The discounted subscription structure is also applicable for existing customers who already have multiple activated ReplayTV DVRs and are currently paying the monthly subscription fee on one or more of those units. Their monthly service fee will automatically be reduced to $6.95.

Rebates on 5500 units up to $200
posted by administrator on 7/20/04
There are a number of Summer rebates currently on new ReplayTV 5500 units.

5504 (40 hr) - $50 rebate
5508 (80 hr) - $100 rebate
5516 (160 hr) - $100 rebate
5532 (320 hr) - $200 rebate
These rebates are good through October 31. Click here to get free shipping on your order too!

DVArchive 3.1 Available
posted by administrator on 7/24/04
The highly anticipated DVArchive 3.1 has been released, and is a must-have for any DVArchive user.

Some changes/enhances of note include

  1. Gray Screen Of Death lockups are fixed
  2. New "Channel oriented" view of TV listings (click on a TV channel and see a listing of all shows on that channel for the next few days).
  3. Improved accuracy of the "Upcoming TV" listings (schedule of what your ReplayTV are going to record)
  4. Improved flexibility in setting up your TV Providers
  5. Improved email support -- now works with all SMTP email servers and support email authentication (if your SMTP server/ISP require it)
  6. Support for scheduling recuring recordings via the Web interface have been fixed (in 3.0, only one-time recordings worked via the web interface)

Summer Silence
posted by administrator on 7/20/04
We're well into the summer, and there's been no news from ReplayTV on any future plans. No new hardware, nothing about new software. Replays around the world continue to chug along.

So now the question is on the Denon NS-S100 Media server, CES Best In Show product that has been recently delayed. Will it show us anything about where the Replay is headed, or will it be on it's own separate direction? We'll have to wait until it's released to see...

ReplayTV 5000 Series Availability Limited
posted by administrator on 05/13/04
According to sources at Replay, supplies of the 5000 series (which include the Commerical Skip and Internet Video Sharing functions) may be dwindling. Since last year when Replay stopped making the 5000s, the units have been selling at a decent pace and it's estimated that within 60-90 days, the 5040 units may no longer be available from the ReplayTV online store. And based on the specials sales that are happening with the Pause & Win promotion, that time frame may be even shorter. Although the end of stock was predicted for last winter, but it appears that the activation fiasco last Christmas prolonged this end.

As always, there may be a few units that pop in and out of availability, including some of the 5080s and 5160s and especially some refurb units. But it's clear that the end is approaching on the new 5040s. If you want to get a unit that ships with Commercial Skip and Internet Video Sharing, it's time to buy!

(As always, if you want to get free shipping from the ReplayTV store and help support our site, use our referral link by clicking
More on the "Pause & Win" Sweepstakes: NOT a trial run for more advertising.
posted by administrator on 4/29/04
After some of the chatter on the AVS Forum about the new "Pause & Win" promotion, and some of the dire predictions made about how this was a test run for a slew of advertising to come, a little poking around brought a swift response from a Replay contact knowledgeable about the promotion: Absolutely not.

The truth of the matter is that obviously there's not a lot of stuff being announced at the moment, and they were just looking for some kind of fun promotion to run, something to communicate back with the user base a bit. Obviously the prizes were chosen because of their availability within the company, but they are also obviously geared towards the same people who would own a Replay.

As many people are noticing, there are a lot of similar codes being received (aka "the same"), and what I'm told is that the winners will be picked at random after the third week. But if you enter each week, you obviously increase your chances. Also, just by entering you can receive some other great offers on product.

So just to re-iterate: The sky is not falling, and your Replays will not be showing X-10 ads next month, or even Santa Coke. It just so happens that some good people over at Replay wanted to try to inject some fun into being a ReplayTV owner by giving away some cool stuff. Nothing more sinister going on than that. And if you want to complain about the prizes being offered, feel free to not enter... More for me.