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1.1 alpha 6 source code released 2004-06-26

reVue is a GUI program that lets you play and edit ReplayTV shows that you have downloaded to your computer, using WiRNS or DVArchive.

Installation steps:
1. Download and install .NET version 3.5: Microsoft .NET 3.5
2. Download and install reVue version 1.1 Alpha 5: reVue Alpha 5
3. Download the zip file for reVue version 1.1 Alpha 6 and use it to overlay the Alpha 5 installation ( which should be in "C:\Program Files (x86)\KSB\reVue\"): reVue Alpha 6

Well, it has been a busy 6 months at Drexel and it doesn't look like it's going to lighten up any time soon. I have not dedicated any substantial time on reVue since early January 2004. I'd like to let development continue and releasing the source code is the way to do it.

Feel free to ask questions about it, but remember that the reason I'm letting it out in such unpolished form is because I'm too busy to clean it up. And, please, critique, but don't savage my code. Remember, reVue started on an airplace in VB, got recoded in C# (and I didn't know any C# at the time), and has never had a proper set of functional specs. Besides, I have an esily bruised ego...

Good luck with the source. If you want to push something back or take up the mantle of reVue, send me an email.


.Net 3.5 framework available - Sat Jun 19, 2010 2:18 pm

There's a new executable build for the .Net 3.5 framework available. However, I didn't rebuild an installed. So, use the old installer and before running reVue, replace any files in the install folder with the equivalent files from Note, there may be files in the zip that aren't in the install directory. In such cases, just ignore the extraneous files in the zip.


1.1 alpha 5 released 2004-01-20 9:22 PM EST

This is another alpha (which means "not yet feature-complete") release of reVue 1.1. It is not considered production-grade, but isn't likely to be any worse that any previous release.


Information Files

The documentation here is not up to date. I'd like to do it, but work is getting too busy and I don't see me getting around to this for a while. (I have spoken to a tech writing professor at work and he may ask one of his students to take on reVue documentation as a term project.)

Read Me Contains an introduction/guide to reVue, last updated for 1.0 beta 6
Release History Details of what's changed, fixed, or enhanced in 1.1 alpha 5

Beta Instructions

If you're already running an earlier release of reVue, backup your revue.xml file (if you had modified it), uninstall the old reVue, install 1.1a5, then copy your modified revue.xml file back to the reVue installation directory.

Send all comments about the public beta test to the ReplayTV AVS Forum in the "reVue public beta" thread. Please don't send email directly to me unless I ask you to.

Installation Files

Note that you must already have Windows (testing has been done with 2000 and XP only), the Microsoft .NET framework 1.1, and Windows Media Player 9 to use reVue.

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