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Remap File Options / How-to and Troubleshooting

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Replay fan
Replay fan

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:20 am    Post subject: Remap File Options / How-to and Troubleshooting Reply with quote


I have been making use of SD and WiRNS for quite a while now - at least since the DNNA servers went away.

To that end, I have become baffled by strange behavior I have noticed with my setup.

I have two replays (both 5040), being supplied guide data from a common WiRNS machine. One RTV makes use of a CableTV lineup. The other makes use of an Antenna.

I guess the first question I have is regarding the options available on the "Edit Remap File" screen of WiRNS.

The "Provider" column is straight forward. I have two listed. The cable lineup is first, followed by the OTA listings.

1. What does the Check Box for "Include" do? Does it: a.) Flag that channel for remapping in accordance with entries in the later columns? b.) Does not checking "include" remove the channel completely from the lineup? (i.e. - Not checking it is the same as not subscribing to it in Schedules Direct?) I was always under the impression that all channels would be passed through the the listings database / Replays, and only those "included" would have their channel number and/or call sign changed.

2. How do I address remapping a channel / changing a call sign for one lineup but not the other?

The behavior I am observing only occurs for stations / channels which have the same callsign - and pretty much it is the digital sub-channels which are also carried on my cable system.

What is happening is, that the remap isn't sticking for the OTA channels (the digital subs) for those channels which are also included in the cable lineup.

For example, I get WNBC-DT2 on my cable system (on channel 112). I also receive it OTA. I want this channels call sign to be "cozi" and not "WNBCDT2". So what I've done is, for the OTA lineup (which follows the cable lineup), is change the calls from "WNBCDT2" to "cozi", and change the channel number from 4 to 42. I do this for the other channels that "match", such as WPIXDT2 (AntTV), and WNETDT2 (PBS Kids). It works once. But once the WiRNS guide updates again, the listings for these channels get mucked, and the remap file shows cozi on channel 4, AntTV on Channel 11, and PBS Kids on 13. The Relays themselves actually show the proper subchannels (i.e. - Cozi is on 42, AntTV on 112, and PBS Kids on 132.)

Looking at the WiRNS wiki at shows that I might need to fix the cable lineup first, make sure the call signs match, and then remap the channel number for the OTA listings.

Can anyone provide the insight?

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Replay fan
Replay fan

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I only have one provider in my remapchan.
I have always setup my channel remapping by editing the remapchan.csv file in the wirns directory. I would check this file to see if it matches what you want. If not, then update it and see what it does.

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