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WiRNS 2.0 Channel ReMapping Instructions

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Replay fan
Replay fan

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 6:26 pm    Post subject: WiRNS 2.0 Channel ReMapping Instructions Reply with quote

Below is a draft version of some instructions I put together for using WiRNS 2.0 to remap channels for new DTV converter boxes. Please correct any errors, fill in any blanks and help me remove the question marks from the sections that I was unsure about. I'll edit this post as required so the most recent instructions aren't spread across a long thread. I don't remember the exact procedure during first launch of WiRNS and wasn't ready to un-install and re-install just to find out, so any help there is greatly appreciated. Here goes Draft #1:

Replay - An actual ReplayTV device, in my case a 5040 with a 300GB hard drive.
IP address - Internet protocol address; a set of 4 numbers (e.g. that define the address of an
internet server.
DNS - Domain Name Server; an internet server that looks up a domain name (e.g. and
returns it's IP address (e.g.
WiRNS - A Windows program that allows you to alter the way a Replay operates.

With the DTV transition coming in February and the fact that I record most of my programs from over the air channels, I needed to reprogram my Replay to play nicely with my DTV converter box (a Channel Master CM-7000). I've known about WiRNS for a long time because of its ability to get Replays to choose channels on big dish satellite receivers, like I've owned for 25 years. But I didn't get serious about using it until now. When I searched this forum for info on using WiRNS to remap the replay's channels, most of the info was for the earlier version of WiRNS or for performing different tasks such as loading new IR Blaster codes. So after a game of 20-questions (Kudos to Henry for being so patient) I finally got it working. So I decided to write this set of instructions for anyone who is facing similar problems getting their Replay to tune the correct channels on their converter box (or any other device). These instructions teach you how to install and set up WiRNS 2.0 to alter the way the Replay tunes the DTV converter box.
What it does:
Usually every day the Replay contacts the ReplayTV server to update its channel list, program guide, phone numbers, etc. By intercepting the attempt to contact the server and redirecting the request to WiRNS, WiRNS loads the altered channel numbers into the Replay (together with the other unaltered information) so it can properly control the DTV converter. To intercept the update, you manually change the DNS addresses on the Replay to the IP address of WiRNS. When the Replay contacts WiRNS to find the server's address, WiRNS tells it to use the WiRNS address (which is the same as the DNS address).
The WiRNS service runs in background on an internet-connected Windows computer operating on the same local network as the Replay . Several web pages, usually accessed through Internet Explorer are used to configure the WiRNS Service.

These instructions are intended to show you how to re map the channel numbers on your Replay so it can tune a DTV converter box. It won't show you how to use the virtual Replay in WiRNS or DVA. It also won't teach you about altering any of the other parameters on your Replay. I only have a Replay 5040, so my instructions for setting up the Replay may only apply to a 5000 series.
The Windows computer running WiRNS should be online at least once a day to update the channel lists and program, guide data. If the Replay goes about 2 weeks without guide updates, the guide will be empty and no shows will be recorded. If you're like me and don't leave your computer on 24/7 there are a few things to be aware of:
a. Start WiRNS about 5 minutes before the scheduled Guide Update or Net Connect. I leave it running for about 50 minutes. If it shuts down sooner you may not finish the first update. If you leave it on too long it may shut down in the middle of a second update try. Check the log to see when WiRNS is idle ("ready to Intercept..."). If you turn off WiRNS in the middle of an update you can end up with a very short, or non-existent, guide.
b. Make sure WiRNS is running when you initiate an IVS send. The Replay needs the server to find the recipient's IP address.
c. Make sure WiRNS is running when you accept an IVS show. The replay needs to find the recipient's latest IP address.

This will not show you how to do anything other than remap channels with WiRNS or anything to do with WiRNS 1.x.
I haven't written any troubleshooting section. If you have problems post a description of the problem to this forum.

0. Make sure your Replay can control your DTV converter box.
a. If you haven't already done so, connect you DTV box an antenna and to either Input 1 or 2. Install an IR blaster in front of the DTV box's IR sensor.
b. Using your remote control, press Menu, choose Setup - press Select, Choose Network and Input Settings - press Select, choose Change IN1 or Change IN 2 (depending on where you connected your DTV box) - press Select.
c. Choose Analog Cable Box - press Select, if you have no cable listed, change your zip code to a nearby location that has a cable provider with all of your OTA channels.
d. Choose the cable provider that has your channels available.
e. When it gets to testing the IR blaster you may have to experiment. I use Pioneer code 533 to control my Channel Master CM-7000.
f. Before you press Select to set your IR code after finding one that works press "2 4 3 Zones" to bring up the IR fine tuning menu. I set Send Enter to Yes (although it seems to ignore it) and Minimum Number of Digits to 3. Press Select to set the IR code.
g. Choose Keep all Settings and press Select. Press Exit to return to the watching TV or the Replay front page.
h. You should choose one of the new channels in the Guide to see if the Replay sends some signals to the DTV box. It probably won't tune the correct channel but you should see some digits sent to the box.
i. If the Replay is not talking to the DTV box then the rest of this exercise is useless.

1. Install the latest version of WiRNS.
a. Download WiRNS 2.0 to your desktop from
b. Double click the .msi file to install WiRNS.
c. ??When the settings window shows write down the WiRNS IP address, probably something like 192.168.X.XXX".?? If you have another internet server application running while you're running WiRNS, choose another address by adding 5 to the fourth number.
d. ??Enter your router's IP address in the appropriate box, it's probably the WiRNS IP address except with the fourth number = 1.??
e. Accept all other settings and click "OK" .
f. Restart Windows. WiRNS Service should start automatically - wait for it to finish.

2. Update to the latest version of the plug-ins.
a. Start Internet Explorer (IE).
b. Type the WiRNS IP address into the URL bar and press Enter. You should see the configuration page.
c. Under the Administration menu choose Update WiRNS. The status will change to "Updating WiRNS".
d. Wait a couple of minutes. In my install the Status doesn't change on itself when done.
e. If you click on the Configuration menu and the Status changes to Idle, you're done.
f. Quit IE. Choose Start:Programs:WiRNS:Stop WiRNS Service. Restart Windows.

3. Find your Replay.
a. After the WiRNS service starts, launch IE and the configuration page.
b. Choose Configuration:Replays. You will probably see the WiRNS virtual Replay on the first line with the
computer's name in the Name box.
c. If you see a second line with the name of your Replay box, skip to Step 4.
d. Click the Scan for Replays button. If you see a second line with the name of your Replay box, skip to
Step 4.
d. Enter the IP address of your Replay from the Replay's Menu:Input and Network settings menu in the IP
address box . Click the IP Address button. If you don't see your Replay, you may need to perform a Power-button soft reset on the Replay and repeat steps d. and e.
e. You should now see your Replay on the second line of the page.

4. Configure the WiRNS Guide Data.
a. Choose Configuration:Guide Data.
b. Enter your Zip code or that used by your Replay, if it's different.
c. Choose the Daily Guide Update Time. WiRNS must be running at this time.
d. Choose the NetConnect Day and Time. WiRNS must be running at this time.
e. Check "Serve Guide Data to Replays"
f. Click Update.
g. When it's finished updating, choose Tools:Current Channel Guide to see if the guide data is present.

5. Configure your channel remap.
a. Choose Configuration:Replays. Click on the Edit button on your Replay's line.
b. Your Replay's info should now fill all of the boxes on the left side of the page.
c. Choose your Replay type from the pull down menu, if necessary.
d. Fill in the three Lineup choices. For the DTV box choose a Cable or Satellite provider that includes all of the local channels that you will tune on the DTV converter.
e. Leave all of the boxes un-checked.
f. Click Update to download the list of channels available.
g. Choose Configuration:Edit Remap File. Check the Include box next to each channel that you want in the Replay's guide.
h. For the DTV converter box's channels enter the 3-digit digital channel number without the period. "9.2" becomes "092", "44.1" becomes "442". You can edit the Call Signs if necessary. Leave blank the Channel number and Call Sign boxes that require no change.
i. Click Update at the bottom of the page.

6. Configure your Replay to use WiRNS.
a. Make sure that the WiRNS service is running and sees your Replay.
b. Using your remote control, press Menu, choose Setup - press Select, Choose Network and Input Settings - press Select, choose Change ZipCode - press Select.
c. Change your zip code to any real zip code and allow the Replay to download the providers for that zip code.
d. When it asks you to choose the satellite or cable for Input 1, press Rewind until you return to the Network and Input Settings menu. Choose Keep all Settings and press Select.
e. Return to the Network and Input Settings menu, choose Change Network - press Select, choose either Change Manual Settings or Change from Automated to Manual - press Select.
f. Change both DNS1 and DNS2 to the IP address of the WiRNS service. Leave all of the other addresses unchanged. Choose Continue - press Select.
g. Wait for the Replay to finish verifying the network (i.e. the WiRNS service).
h. After returning to the Network and Input Settings menu change the Zip Code back to the appropriate number.
i. After finding the provider list you will be asked to choose one for each input. Choose the appropriate one that starts with "WiRNS -" for each input.
j. After going through both inputs you will return to the Network and Input Settings menu. Choose Keep all Settings and press Select.
k. Return to the front page and choose Guide to make sure that your new channels are there. If you've remapped the channels properly the guide should tune the selected channel. If not you may have to play with the remap or the IR fine tuning.

7. Do your first Net Connect.
a. Make sure that the Replay is turned on.
b On the Configure WiRNS page choose Configuration:Replays. Click Net Connect. Your Replay should turn off and download the latest data from WiRNS.
c. After a few minutes click Configuration to refresh the screen. The Last Net Connect field will be updated to the present time when the Net Connect is finished.

8. Now you need to make sure that your computer is running with the WiRNS service running in background (it should start automatically when your computer starts) during the Net Connect Day and Time and the Guide Update Time given on the Configuration:Guide Data page. You can change these times and day at this page.

If all of this is working, congratulate yourself on a job well done. If you're up to it, Donate something to the WiRNS project on the WiRNS home page.
Replay 5040 (300GB)
Dish VIP222k
Fortec Lifetime Ultra

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Planet Master
Planet Master

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 6:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

good stuff here.


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Replay fan
Replay fan

Joined: 04 Dec 2006
Posts: 28

PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's almost complete. I still have some issues to clean up before I finish up the instructions.

I don't usually leave my computer on around the clock, so I have it wake up 5 minutes before the Guide Update Time and shut down 35 minutes later.

On the Guide Data page, is the Guide Update Time when WiRNS connects to the the Replay server or serves the data to the Replay? Same question about the Net Connect time.

Does WiRNS change the normal update time on the Replay? If not, when does the Replay usually connect to the server on its own?

What happens if the WiRNS computer goes to sleep during an update? The Channel Guide in WiRNS goes out 2 weeks but the Replay's only goes out a few days. What can I do to synchronize them?

I presume that WiRNS must be running between the time you request an IVS transfer (via poopli), while you accept it, and up to when the transfer starts. Can WiRNS be shutdown after the transfer starts?

Francis Tanzella
Replay 5040 (300GB)
Dish VIP222k
Fortec Lifetime Ultra
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